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About Funny But Mean

Funny But Mean is a San Francisco comedy troupe that has performed shows locally at the Exit Theater, Marine’s Memorial Theater, The Magic Theater, The Metreon Theatre, The Shelton Theater, and New York’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Improv Cafe.

Founded in 2005, the group has produced over 20 original sketch shows, plays and musical comedies including the Fuck Jerry Communal Content Happening , a simulated seminar which brought together social media's biggest influencers to share their life experiences online, and off; Flavor of Death: A Guy Fieri Musical, a blend of murder and intrigue with way too many food metaphors; Law and Order SFU: San Francisco Unit, everyone's favorite procedural crime show re-imagined as a musical comedy set in San Francisco; A Christmas Carol 2: Scrooge Strikes Back, a new holiday classic featuring all your favorite Victorian era characters; Funny But Mean Gets Famous, a tribute to Baby Jessica and the fleeting nature of fame; Funny But Mean 2.0, a hysterical look at online culture and social media, as told by a man who finds himself trapped inside the internet, and Funny But Mean Finds its Feminine Side, an amusing look at Feminism in the 21st Century. Their latest show, MARTYR MAN, is a disturbing deep dive into the psyche of action star Jeremy Renner as he searches for the meaning behind fame. MARTYR MAN premiers Friday, July 23 at the Shelton Theater in San Francisco and runs Fridays-Saturdays through July 31.



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