Cucks & Pecks

In 2019, Funny But Mean hosted their first Social Media Influencer Seminar featuring famous internet troll Blaire St. Blaine. Here is this controversial bait master and his advice on how to never lose a fight online.

A Tennis Date

Susan and Senor Vargas meet for tennis but only one of them has the balls to play.

Little Sarah

Re-edited commercial to highlight the wonderful bonuses of drug side-effects.

Mother & Daughter Sharing Soup

Re-edited commercial about a delightful daughter-mother understanding.

Cole Smith's Walking Tour of San Francico

Take a walking tour with guide Cole Smith as he shows you another era of San Francisco's most wonderous sites and areas of interest.

Promotional Videos
Dingleberry Pie

From Funny But Mean Gets Famous, the last hit from one of the greatest singing legends of a byegone era just trying to keep up with digusting internet videos.